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Case Study of BZ and OCD: Background

Meet BZ, a 26-year-old Asian-American woman working as a program manager. BZ's battle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) began when she was just 20 years old. In this case study, we'll explore how her journey with OCD evolved over the years and how she sought help to regain control of her life.

Early Signs and Diagnosis

BZ's encounter with OCD first surfaced during her college years when a psychologist at her college counseling center diagnosed her with the condition. At that time, her symptoms were relatively mild, consisting mainly of occasional checking and rumination behaviors. These symptoms, while noticeable, did not significantly disrupt her daily life.

Graduation and Escalation

After completing college and venturing into independent living, BZ's battle with OCD took a turn for the worse. Her checking behavior intensified, and what was once a manageable aspect of her life became an all-consuming challenge. When preparing to leave her home for work, a series of rituals unfolded. BZ felt compelled to ensure the stove was turned off, all lights turned off, and windows securely closed. This routine often involved 5 or more rounds of meticulous verification.

The Endless Cycle

BZ's ordeal did not end there. When she would leave for work, anxiety would gnaw at her. Doubts crept in, questioning whether the garage door had closed properly, whether the door between the house and the garage had securely latched. The relentless fear of potential disasters gripped her, pushing her to exit the freeway, turn around, and return home. When checking the door between the house and the garage, she would think, "Since I'm here, I'll check indoors one more time to ensure nothing has happened."

The Toll on Daily Life

Unsurprisingly, this compulsive routine began to exact a toll on BZ's life. To accommodate her checking rituals and alleviate the fear of being late for work, she had to wake up progressively earlier. What used to be a 6 am start had transformed into a 5:15 am ordeal. Recently, even this early start proved insufficient, with BZ realizing she needed to set her alarm for 5 am. It was at this critical juncture that she decided to seek help.

Seeking Help and Hope

Recognizing the need for professional assistance, BZ took a courageous step by reaching out for an appointment. With the support of Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy and a dedicated treatment plan, BZ is ready to move away from a life guided by fear and move toward a life guided by meaning.

Stay tuned for Session #1 with BZ.

Case studies provide readers with an opportunity to become familiar with Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy. Each case study will unfold over multiple articles. Future case studies will explore a variety of problems. Leave a comment if there is a specific problem or disorder of which you would like to see a case study.

Wishing everyone well! #DrDug #LittleThingsFromDrDug

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