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What is Creative Psychology?

Creative Psychology exists in the world through E-Coaching, Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy, and my YouTube channel, Creative Psychology with Dr. Dug. Through all of these avenues, my goal is to help people (re)gain clarity, connection, and hope

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Creative Psychology with Dr. Dug

Hello there!

I am a clinical psychologist and

Board-certified in Couple and Family Psychology. I'm a little different from your typical practitioner... for a couple of reasons. First of all, I am constantly striving for authenticity and not wearing a "psychologist face" - I want people to know what is in my brain. Secondly, I've adopted a more creative strategy for wellness with the goals of helping people gain clarity, build real connection, and re-attain hope. 

Something Different

The typical person that works best with Dr. Dug...

1) Is ridiculously smart (really, just off the charts)

2) Has massive insight

3) Has it all together (or so it appears from the outside)

4) Is creative, but that side of them feels very stifled

5) Has been working harder (rather than smarter) on their life satisfaction

6) Oftentimes does not recognize the person in the mirror 

7) Is just plumb exhausted by life

If any of this sounds like you, my style seems to be a good fit for people like you who feel trapped in a way of living that no longer works.

Talk therapy is not always the best strategy.

I designed my E-Coaching service so that you can get the guidance and support you need, throughout the week, without trying to squeeze 60-minute appointments into your hectic day. 

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Typical Client

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