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Dr. Dug talks about Creative Psychology
What is Creative Psychology?

Reflecting on your own experiences and trying to go through life thoughtfully is a virtue, but for some people, it has gone too far. Perhaps you can relate to feeling stuck in your own thoughts and a bit paralyzed by too much thinking. If so, maybe it's time to try something different.


Desist. Discover. Do.

Hello there!

I am a clinical psychologist and Board-certified in Couple and Family Psychology. I'm a little different from your typical practitioner... for a couple of reasons. First of all, I work with transparency and want you to know who I am and what I believe. Secondly, I've realized that a straight-on approach to therapy is not always effective because some folks have done a really good job of setting up barricades in their minds, so it takes a more creative strategy to gain clarity, build real connection, and re-attain hope. 

Something Different

I am a thinker. And a talker. My clients are also thinking talkers. So, together, we would think and talk and do good work, but I realized that for for a lot of thinking talkers, there is a different and better path. One that involves less talking and more feeling... being... and doing. 

I created the YELR program for people who have the creative spirit and potential to help themselves attain their dreams - they just need to know what those dreams are and, frankly, need to know how to find the energy to travel that path. 

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