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  • Dr. Dug

VRET Treatment Plan

Treatment typically lasts anywhere from 4-12 sessions and is greatly dependent on clients doing their assigned experiential exercises at home.

Session #1

In this first session, we will review expectations of treatment, for both of us, to ensure we are on the same page. Prior to this session, you will have already filled out several questionnaires and provided a detailed narrative so that we do not have to use our time going back over those details. I will provide my understanding of what you have provided and get any necessary bits of clarification. The rest of this session is dedicated to discussing anxiety and the details of your exposure treatment. We will also do our first mindfulness exercise and talk about your at-home experiential exercises.

Session #2

In the second session, we will open with a mindfulness exercise to help you increase awareness of your internal state, go over the at-home exercises, do exposure with virtual reality, and talk about your at-home experiential exercises.

The remaining sessions will repeat the structure of Session #2, with the likely occasional addition of hypnosis.

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