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Differences Between Psychologist and Psychology Coach

It can be confusing.

I am a board-certified couple and family psychologist who is licensed as a clinical psychologist in multiple states.

So, I'm definitely a psychologist.

But I'm also a psychology coach.

How Are Those Different?

Many coaches have specific training in coaching, but usually lack education about and experience with the biological, social, familial, and psychological foundations of human behavior. Although we are not targeting those foundational elements in coaching, having that knowledge allows me to develop a more comprehensive picture of what is going on and the more complex issues that may be at play.

For example, if someone is having difficulties finding a romantic partner, perhaps someone with less psychological training would target appearance, behaviors, dating strategies, etc., but I may notice that there is a distinct unhelpful pattern in this person's life that is a carryover from long-time beliefs. This realization then helps us to target the actual problem rather than the symptoms.

Additionally, considering that my clinical specialty is in relationships, I am strongly aware of how people exist within and interact with their environments and how those interactions can have systemic ramifications.

Therefore, I am a coach who uses my 17 years of experience in the mental health field to effectively provide guidance and support toward a clear and specific vision of a life that is meaningful, authentic, and content.

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