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Benefits of Email Coaching

Psychology coaching may sometimes look similar to psychotherapy, but there is no question that they are different. Although therapy is an amazing resource for mental health disorders, many people do not actually need therapy and could better benefit from psychology coaching. Coaching via email carries unique benefits due to, well, it's written nature!

Write What You Mean

  • You have time to digest and reflect on my (likely brilliant and mind-blowing LOL) suggestions and feedback

  • Responses you craft can more accurately convey your thoughts instead of what you think your thoughts might be in the pressure of the moment

  • The written record of all coaching interactions allow you to review our discussions at any point in the future

When You Need It

  • You can send messages right away about lightbulb moments that happen outside of standard business hours, instead of hoping you'll remember the next time you have an appointment

  • Instead of taking time away from loved ones, work, or other activities, you can participate in E-Coaching whenever is best for your lifestyle, as is demonstrated in this sample excerpt.

  • Email provides increased accessibility for people who find written communication easier than verbal

Greater Frequency and Effectiveness

  • Recent research is very clear that greater frequency of coaching contact leads to better results

  • I will respond to your emails within 24 hours, Monday through Friday

  • I may send more frequent messages if you are temporarily needing more encouragement for a specific new venture/challenge

Improved Mindfulness

  • The act of writing about your experiences requires you to learn how to better identify your thoughts and reactions

  • Both sides of your brain are accessed when writing about your inner experiences, allowing for improved processing and learning

  • When you are in the “author” role, you create more distance from the situation and can see it with less judgment

  • As the author, you imagine how your words will be perceived by the receiver - a key mindfulness skill

Contact Dr. Dug for a free 15-minute video consultation to explore psychology coaching via email.

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