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Relationship Therapy

My values of Clarity, Connection, and Hope drive my work, not only in individual therapy, but also in relationship therapy. This work can feel quite intense, at times, and it is imperative for the relationship partners to be willing and able to dedicate energy, thought, and space to the work you will be doing. 

Meetings will consist of a combination of creative strategies, behavioral practice, and talk therapy. We spend less time talking about what you're doing wrong and more time building upon what you're doing right. This also means that we will be challenging your expectations and pre-conceptions about what is "right."

*Please note that relationship therapy is not covered by insurance. 

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Support Group

Creative Therapy Group

Each meeting of the Creative Therapy Group will utilize artistic strategies in order help attendees identify and further understand themselves and their own internal experiences.

This group provides an opportunity to increase clarity about who you are and what you want, to improve connections withe your community and yourself, and to build hope and confidence that you will move toward your desired vision.


Being a part of this group itself is a wonderful form of treatment because of its potential to decrease a sense of isolation, to have increased effectiveness due to the strength of group learning and support; and to be more accessible (no pre-requisites or skills needed, not a weekly commitment, online format).

The group runs every Thursday from 5-6 PM Eastern starting January 1, 2023. Anyone can attend this group who is a previous or current client of Dr. Dug or who has been referred by their current mental health provider. The groups are not sequential, so you do not have to attend every group, but you do need to have an intake session with Dr. Dug and sign up for the group at least 24 hours in advance.

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