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I Am
a Korean-American

Different Paths

The various paths I've travelled have led me right here. Who would have thought that the person who did not want to go to college and who got her first tattoo at 17 would have become a skillful and (some say) hilarious speaker, educator, coach, psychologist, and consultant. 


I'm looking forward to us chatting, meeting, and collaborating on some exciting venture!


I often wonder what life would be like if each one of us could express our authentic selves to the world and approach life with creativity, rather than just following the dictates of society? What would be the impact on relationships or life satisfaction, if all of us had the space and willingness to approach each other with curiosity? My purpose in life is to move toward both of those things by helping to build a world that is intentionally guided by values, motivated by connection, energized by hope, and strengthened by dynamic flexibility. I thrive on deciphering complex situations, using my systems perspective, and approaching work and life with creativity and curiosity.

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RSC as Nurturing

When you tend to your body, mind, and soul; similar to traditional self-care.

RSC as Nourishing

When you harness your inner strength, honesty, and courage to make (little to big) choices that bring you close to your ideal.

RSC as Providing

When you commit selfless acts, you provide yourself with connection to the community, self-worth, and a meaningful life.

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