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Anxiety Treatment

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People with anxiety love talk therapy. Why? It allows them to do something they are very good at - think and talk about problems! However, over all these many years of treating people who suffer from anxiety, I've realized that talking and building insight only goes so far and that the real challenge is for folks to take action. 

Therefore, anxiety treatment with me consists of exposure therapy (often using virtual reality), mindfulness, hypnosis, and lots of homework. Let's get started!

Eyes Closed

Avoiding Fear is Avoiding Life


Avoidance strategies are very good at...

  1. Providing short-term relief because they momentarily allow you to not feel discomfort

  2. Not leading to any long-term improvement - if anything, they perpetuate the problem

  3. Blocking you from the path of a meaningful life

Fear delivers convincing messages about how to avoid, control, or get rid of discomfort. These coping tools, though, just serve to continue the cycle of fear and distraction from what really matters. The alternative is to get on with life, even when you are feeling uncomfortable.

Exposure Therapy works by helping you move toward your fears, in a graduated and manageable way, until you develop a new relationship with fear. 

Avoiding parties even though you miss out on spending time with friends and family

Avoiding flying even though this means you miss out on seeing people and places you want to see

Avoiding your partner's stress by not sharing concerns even though this makes you feel less close

Avoiding speaking up in meetings even though this hurts your chances of a promotion

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All treatment is currently online


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HI Psychologist: PSY-1915

NC Psychologist: #6337

ABPP Board Certification:



Dr. Dug's Info

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Monday - Friday

9am - 6pm Eastern


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I am out-of-network with all insurance plans.


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Initial Session (90 mins)

$250 individuals/ $300 couples

Follow-up Sessions (45 mins)

$200 individuals / $250 couples

Clinical Supervision

$80-$200 / 1 hour meeting


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