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Your Extraordinary Liminal Retreat


... having a guiding vision that gives you a sense of meaning?

... regaining your desire and capacity to be emotionally available to others?

... being willing and able to solve simple problems again?


If so, and if you have a referral from your mental health clinician , you are invited to participate in Your Extraordinary Liminal Retreat (YELR) - a truly unique brief treatment program that culminates in an individual retreat. 

YELR consists of 5 assessment sessions using the YELR Client Handbook, a weekend individual retreat using the YELR Participant Workbook, and one follow-up session with Dr. Dug for processing and planning before returning to your long-term provider.

Can you imagine

...meaningful, authentic, and content

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YELR is for people who used to feel extraordinary, but now often feel less-than-ordinary. The typical YELR'er feels overwhelmed and tired and is struggling. Perhaps worse, they feel they have lost their spark.

YELR's mission is to creatively and effectively use assessment, education, guidance, and knowledge to help empower clients to achieve mental wellness. YELR'ers are the types of people who already work hard on their own wellbeing - with Dr. Dug's guidance, they also work effectively.

In addition to empowering, YELR is also accessible. Your personal retreat does not have to involve flying to paradise and taking a week off from work (unless you want!). Instead, you can do the retreat in your same town for significantly less money. 

With increased access and empowerment, the hope is that clients will regain mental clarity, emotional capacity, and physical energy and have a clear and specific vision of a life that is meaningful, authentic, and content. 



Your personal retreat will take place from midday on Day 1 until midday on Day 3. Your retreat site does not need to be far away, just away from home and your typical distractors. You will be using the YELR Retreat Workbook that will guide you in reflections, activities, and artistic projects. Click on Individual Retreat to read more.


After the retreat, you will return for Session 6, where you and Dr. Dug will review, digest, and make sense of what happened during your retreat. You will discuss how the retreat deliverables can be helpful when working with your long-term clinician. Click on Follow-Up to read more. 

Program Layout


You will have five 45-minute sessions - usually over three-six weeks - during which Dr. Dug will assess your situation. Between sessions you will do about 1-hour of homework. Click on 5 Sessions to read more about this relatively fast-paced and intensive program that culminates in your personal retreat.


The YELR program is unique and amazing, but because of its nontraditional format, is not a good fit for everyone. In order to participate, you must have a referral from your mental health clinician - the provider you will be working with after your graduate from the YELR program. 

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YELR Preparation Check-List p. 2


You will need to download and print the Preparation Check-List after the Initial Session so that you can start to prepare for your personal retreat.


At the same time, you will also download and print the YELR Client Handbook. You will use this handbook throughout the five assessment sessions and the follow-up session.


You will receive the YELR Retreat Workbook through snail mail. On this page, you can take a look at the table of contents and schedule of activities. As you get closer to your retreat date, you will be able to see the Workbook in all its glory.

YELR Materials

Directed ATtention Fatigue


I ran across the theory of Directed Attention Fatigue (DAF) a few months ago, and ever since, have been incredibly excited. The symptoms and treatment of DAF seem to match what has been going on with most of my clients, not to mention friends, family, and neighbors. 

The nuts and bolts are that when we direct our attention at something (like creating a website), our brain has to focus on that thing, make judgments about what is relevant, and ignore irrelevant thoughts. 

Makes sense, right?

Well, it appears that our ability to direct our attention is a limited resource and unless its levels are restored, we then experience DAF. Namely, difficulty focusing, solving problems, and seeing the big picture. Secondarily, because of those problems, we then also experience decreased self-confidence, increased stress, and exhaustion. 

If this is blowing your mind like it blew mine, then you will hopefully love YELR as much as I do.

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Make a creative change  Today!

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