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My heart 

                                              is deeply seated in helping members of the BIPOC community, for whom culturally-competent services have been historically lacking. To maximize my availability and to encourage effective use of our time, I offer 25-minute psychotherapy sessions for individuals and couples up to six months. 

Individual Anchor
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Individual Therapy

As a therapy provider, my own overarching goals for clients are Clarity, Connection, and Hope. You can read more here about these values. In our work together, what this means is that you are going to be

  • Identifying and reconnecting with that which brings meaning to your life

  • Envisioning your big picture so that you know where to point your compass

  • Making intentional decisions that are aligned with your values

  • Feeling re-energized and driven


We will use every part of our 25 minutes to explore your STRENGTHS, not your deficiencies; to build on what IS, not what isn't; and to take steps FORWARD, rather than stagnating in the past. 


Our meetings will occur for up to six months. The intense nature of this therapy requires that you have the space in your life to not only attend sessions, but also to integrate change into your every day life between sessions. 

*Please note that Dr. Dug is in-network with major insurance plans only for people in Washington State.

Relationship Therapy Anchor

Relationship Therapy

My values of Clarity, Connection, and Hope drive my work, not only in individual therapy, but also in relationship therapy. This work can feel quite intense, at times, and it is imperative for the relationship partners to be willing and able to dedicate energy, thought, and space to the work you will be doing. 

Meetings will consist of 25 minutes of creative strategies, behavioral practice, and talk therapy. We spend less time talking about what you're doing wrong and more time building upon what you're doing right. This also means that we will be challenging your expectations and pre-conceptions about what is "right."

*Please note that relationship therapy is not covered by insurance. 


Make a creative change  Today!

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