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Do you think your life runs like a well-oiled machine? Maybe it is the type of machine where every specification has to be correct to the millimeter because if one thing goes wrong, the whole kit and kaboodle fall apart.

In other words, when your life and your relationship are going well, they are going well, but a negative event can quickly make things seem hopeless. 

If your life or relationship are burdened with excessive rules of conduct (e.g., "I have to do things a certain way in order to prevent an argument.") and you feel stuck, perhaps it is time to approach the problem in a different way. 

Individual Therapy

Relationship Therapy

Exposure Therapy

Individual Anchor
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Individual Therapy

As a therapy provider, my own overarching goals for clients are Clarity, Connection, and Hope. You can read more here about these values. In our work together, what this means is that you are going to be

  • Identifying and reconnecting with that which brings meaning to your life

  • Envisioning your big picture so that you know where to point your compass

  • Making intentional decisions that are aligned with your values

Our work will not include

  • Hashing out day-to-day problems

  • Over-analyzing the origins of patterns

  • Avoiding or changing thoughts

Individual therapy clients are expected to do homework on a daily basis. 

Relationship Therapy Anchor

Relationship Therapy

My values of Clarity, Connection, and Hope drive my work, not only in individual therapy, but also in relationship therapy. Relationship therapy with Dr. Dug will likely seem quite different from other relationship therapy experiences you may have had. Rather than re/hashing arguments or trying to determine who is "right" we will be focusing on what is important to each of you and learning how to be guided by those values. 

In other words, instead of fixing what you think is wrong, you will be doing more of what is right. 

Relationship clients will be expected to do homework on a daily basis.

Exposure Therapy Anchr

Exposure VR Therapy

ACT exposure therapy is a time-limited treatment for 

  • Anxiety

  • OCD

  • Social skills

  • Phobias


This therapy takes place remotely and usually incorporates some combination of virtual reality, real-world homework, and in-session enactments. 

Dr. Dug will work with clients as young as 14 years old for exposure therapy (parents will participate in treatment of minors). 


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