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Email Coaching


If you're struggling in your interpersonal interactions and feeling a lack of forward movement, but do not need therapy, psychology coaching via email may be the path forward.


Stop hanging on by your fingertips and sacrificing sleep for productivity. Let's face your challenges together in away that DOES NOT involve appointments or another online meeting, and that DOES involve a steady stream of support and guidance. 


Who is best suited for Psychological Coaching via email?

The people who are best suited are those who: * Have specific challenges they are working to overcome or figure out * Can easily write and comprehend writing​ *Can keep a steady cadence of communication via email *Have the patience to wait up to 24 hours (Monday-Friday) for a response *Understand the differences between psychology coaching and psychotherapy

How does coaching by email work?

When we receive your initial request, we will schedule an initial 15-minute video chat (usually within a few days) and immediately send you brief paperwork. The first month is discounted and it is a time during which Dr. Dug and you will determine whether the two of you are a good fit and if your situation is well-suited for coaching by email. After that, you will transition into a recurring monthly plan. You should expect to receive at least 3 emails from Dr. Dug per week in response to your messages. There is no wait and no scrambling to find a calendar slot!

What are the advantages of coaching via email instead of real-time?

Coaching via email is not for everyone! It is not well-suited for people who do not like writing, who have a hard time with frequent communication, and who are not ready for change. If none of those apply, then you may be interested in the many benefits that result from the email format. 

How do I know if I need therapy or psychology coaching?

If you are seeking to identify or treat a mental health disorder, you should seek therapy rather than coaching. However, if you are not suffering from a mental health problem and want support and guidance for struggles, confusion, stuckness, or interactions, coaching may be what you are looking for.

Can I see my psychologist at the same time as coaching?

Yes, absolutely! The work of a psychologist is very different from the work of a psychology coach. However, you will want to make sure you tell your psychologist that you are working with a coach. It is likely that your psychologist will suggest topics to bring up with me. 

Do you work with clients in any geographic area?

I work with clients in almost every state. Just contact me to confirm that I meet with clients in your state. 

How is payment handled?

The monthly fee is automatically charged to your card on file at the beginning of every month. Keeping a card on file allows me to minimize my administrative overhead and, thus, keep my fees down. 

How long will I be in coaching?

The length of our coaching relationship is up to you. Most people will engage in email coaching for a time until they have attained their goal or think they no longer need the additional guidance, and then come back at some point when there is a new challenge they are working toward. 

Do you keep medical records for coaching?

No, coaching is not a medical service and thus, I don't keep medical charts for coaching clients. I do keep administrative records and all of our conversations are contained in our email thread, so you can access that whenever you want.

Will you help me find a psychologist for therapy?

If it turns out that you can be better served by therapy instead of coaching, we will discuss that as soon as possible. As part of my coaching services, I will provide guidance and suggestions to help you find a treating psychologist. 

How quickly can we start?

One of the amazing qualities of psychology coaching via email is that we can start working immediately. When potential clients contact me, we can usually schedule an initial video chat within a few days and then jump right into coaching.

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Improve self-understanding and compassion and return to what is meaningful and authentic.

Why Did I Start Coaching?

In short, it was because of the global pandemic. As a psychologist who makes sense of the world by understanding patterns and putting small things together into big pictures, it was clear to me that a shift happened during 2020-2022. Many people, who already had very hectic lives, started to feel drastically overwhelmed, lost, and torn in multiple directions. Similar to many other habits that have remained post-pandemic, this one has too. Many people continue to struggle; and my heart especially lies with BIPOC women’ whose experiences are even more impacted because of pre-existing societal challenges in addition to the racial and ethnic atrocities that have escalated since 2020. Worse yet, many of these women fall into a gap - they are not fine but they also are not clinically depressed or anxious. Instead, they are having very normal reactions to stressful situations. Coaching can help. Not only is this service proven to be effective, but the email format allows people to have flexible and frequent support and guidance - allowing you to get guidance when you need it. 


Monthly Plan: $450 / month

The fee includes all email interactions and worksheets. 

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